Tour Diary – 16.03.2013 – Grevenbrück englisch

Dear diary: it´s March 16th today. Early in the morning my mother opened the door to my dungeon in the basement, gave me my orchestra-wear and put her loved son in a Ford Mondeo minibus taking off to Lennestadt-Grevenbrück. Lennestadt what? That´s exactly the question I asked myself, and you can trust me: No one´s gonna hear you scream if one of the villagers threatens you with a chainsaw. To put it this way, we took a ride into the countryside somewhere near Olpe and I had the most awesome view sitting in the back right in the middle. OK, no fucking deer again, my deer…argh…dear, but one of the best place names ever together with the beautiful Hürth-Knappsack. How the hell can anyone name his beautiful village Neger (the German word for „negro“)? Is that what you call politically correct? So you can imagine how loud the laughter was when we arrived in Grevenbrück. First thing we noticed was the really cool location with its stage and the most awesome backstage room ever. Those who didn´t leave this place for geocaching, had their fun with a big flatscreen, a Playstation 3 and Nintendo´s Wii, watching a saturday night´s program or sitting on the sofa preparing for the show. The only thing that went missing was a restroom for us guys alone.

A couple of minutes after ten PM it was our time to enter the ballroom where both of the other bands, BRAINDEADZ and SUICIDE OF SOCIETY did a good job. As always it was fun like hell thrashing the stage and make new friends. This time we modified the setlist a little bit, played „Unleash The Slaves“ instead of „T´n´A“ and after the encore „Slaves To The Black“ the show was done.

Of course it was only the show that was done, not the evening in general. A couple of beers had to be drunken, we all had a blast with each other and so bedtime came far to quick. Unlike the weekend before when my dear bandmates had the idea to throw a not so quite unimportant band member out of bed, this time it was a not mentioned Singer/guitarist of a not mentioned band who did that job. Funny enough it´s certain, that he didn´t know why he was running on the street on bare feet in the middle of the night. Not the best idea when it´s below zero degree and snowing. Unbelievable that really NO One was able to hear the hammering at the window for half an hour…but funny as hell!!! Maybe he shouldn´t forget his keys next time!

Dear diary: Another day passed by, and the trip home is about to happen. First it´s time to storm the local bakery for rolls and coffee. Quite a nice lady behind the counter who seems to have an attraction to bass players. Did she tell him her phone number? You don´t know and won´t ever know!

The trip back was a relaxed one with good music and funny conversations. Business as usual, so to speak. Talking about this and that, closing the eyes for a couple of minutes, and then we arrived. What a pleasure as my mother closed the dungeon door behind my back leaving me alone with a leaf of dry bread and some water. But at least a light was shining in the dark bringing a message of joy. To hear about that, you have to wait a little…

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