Tour Diary – 09.03.2013 – Groningen/NL – englisch

Who travels to the Netherlands may experience this or that. But not with these bourgeois creatures! No signs whatsoever of dope, ho’s or soccer. Not even a bicyclist with mobile home dared to throw his corpse under our tires. What world are we living in where you can’t trust the easiest prejudice anymore??
Well, gotta admit, regarding the dope, I lied. We were greeted by sweetish wads of smoke after our six hour journey, we shall not leave this fact untold.
Furthermore the fact shall be admitted that we felt a little bit lost at the venue when we saw nothing more than a few musicians strolling around the venue before warming up for the show.

Luckily, the emptiness was about to be filled by people some time afterwards. After climbing the stage and hitting the first tones of our set – by the way including five new songs for the first time – one could feel that the Dutch weren’t afraid of partying this evening. Especially talking about one funny fella, who rolled himself around on both ground and stage for a while. Nice guy, always being very polite. The convicted culprit in this case, the mighty Dutch canned beer, obviously had some percent arse-kick more than our German Reinheits-beer and would be seen bonding deeply with yours truly later this night… but one thing after another…
Surely we had lots of fun with our set and were able to test some new songs. The fact that people dig the new stuff is great to know and we decided to really release another record! J

After 45 minutes (maybe 50, who knows…), the five sweaty slaves went off stage and humped on the beer-train. The humanoid has to drink. “But where’s the Jacky?” one asked desperately before gulping a few cans of high arse-kicking beer down his throat in sheer frustration and falling on the sofa to sleep around one o’clock. “Better not to do that ever again without the guys”, this particular one may have thought afterwards, you don’t need enemies when you have the band with you…
So therefore, the said very short haired member of the said band wants to take the opportunity and thank his colleagues overwhelmingly for kissing him awake two hours later. Unbearable what alcohol does to people!

Different than expected, the night went on cold but calm. Next morning around 11 o’ clock, it was time to rise and look forward to a 6 to 7 hours drive. Luckily also this drive went on pretty calm and decent, not even copulating deer was to be seen anywhere. So there was enough time to think about the origin of the strange smell that came from the back area of our sleeping chamber, but that’s a totally different story…


  1. TENACIOUS D – Rize of the Phenix
  2. SODOM – Persecution Mania
  3. DIE ÄRZTE – Die Bestie in Menschengestalt
  4. MANOWAR – Into Glory Ride
  5. AVERSION – Fit to be Tied
  6. METAL CHURCH – Haning in the Balance
  7. RUNNING WILD – Blazon Stone
  8. INFINIGHT – Sea of Knowledge
  9. APOCALYPSE – Faithless


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