Name: Tobi

Instrument: Knall-bumm-peng-bätsch-badoing*. What do you think? [*drum roll*] (Drums).


Pearl Export resp. Mapex Voyager Shellset, Pearl hardware, Tama Superstar snare, Pearl Eliminator double bass pedal and Remote Hi-Hat, Sabian AAX, HX and Meinl Classics cymbals, Rohema 5A sticks, Remo or Evans heads.



Rock of the ’70s/’80s on dad’s records, originally learned to play piano (for a short time), first own drum set for 6th Birthday.
Idols from then on: Vinnie Colaiuta, Neil Peart, Mike Portnoy, Thomas Lang, Stewart Copeland, Joey Jordison, Jojo Mayer.


Favorite Godslave Song

To listen to as to play “Green Zone” cause it has a lot of action as well as nice groovy parts – a song to wreck your neck.


What's currently blowing the Speakers

Slash, Stone Sour, Sodom, Sting, Seeed


Favourite Godslave Lyrics

Because we can


Best Godslave Experience

Only weekend on tour with us for the one of our two stand-in bassists: Kettersäch festival, Debauchery playing as headliner. Thommy and me standing at our Merch, Bernie and Meyer somewhere around, said bassist missing for some time – until the Hatred-guys spot him sitting right on stage, Debauchery’s blood babe dancing around him; never seen such an ecstatic smile.
After the show: Our bassist was permitted to take a shower in the same building as Debauchery and his babe. As he appeared behind a window blow-drying his hair, (a somewhat drunk) Bernie and (a somewhat more drunk) Meyer ran over a tiny wall with a tiny fence on top and across a small court to that window (and not that there was really any reason to run here). Bernie just jumped over said wall and ran ahead but Meyer got stuck with both feet in the very fence and fell down like a wet sack – what a sight…


What's up besides Music

Lots of music beside drumming (playing bass, guitar and singing in a choir), cycling, muscle training, playing tennis, reading.


What excites

The shower after a heavy show… 😉


What pisses off

Missing roadies to set up my stuff on stage. In general: people who got too much influence on things they don’t really understand…


Last Words

We mean what we say – And we could swear to death – We’re gonna do it till we’re old men (“Anvilised”).


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