Name: Mika

Instrument: Four strings of devastation (Bass).


Ibanez SRX 360 BK
Hartke 2500 Bass Head
Line6 Relay G30 Wireless System



Basically the whole metal bandwidth! But there are still some Death and Black Metal bands from my teenage years, that let my heart beat faster!


Favorite Godslave Song

“Green Zone” – this is a killer song and I love to play it live! But also “S.O.S.” is fucking neck-breaking and I love “God Slave The Queen” with its punk attitude.


What's currently blowing the Speakers

Type O Negative, Amorphis, Muse, Blitzkid, Children Of Bodom, Symphony X, Emperor, Keep Of Kalessin, Misfits, Morbid Angel


Favourite Godslave Lyrics

Also “Green Zone”, because I learned in my life, how important it is, to have your own personal “green zone”. Make use of it!


Best Godslave Experience

Metallergrillen 2015 – my very first show with the band and then also an open air. I was excited like hell, but when the show started, it was full of a blast! Great crowd and many friends in front of the stage! I’m really looking forward to collect more of those precious memories!


What's up besides Music

I’m quite a media and entertainment junkie, so I love gaming and cinema besides music.


What excites

Playing live! I’m really looking forward to enter the stage as soon as possible!


What pisses off



Last Words

It’s too early for my last words – hope there will be still a lot to tell 🙂


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