Name: Manni

Instrument: Heartwrenchingly, virgin-impregnating, heartfelt sonic-ear-hole-penetration.... and Assflute (Lead Guitar)


Ibanez RGT6EX-IPT, Schecter Blackjack C7, Dean MLX7 (modified)
ENGL Fireball 60 Head, Dunlop Jazz 3 Picks, D’Addario Strings
my fingers and sometimes even my brain!


Blind Guardian, Metallica, Megadeth, Nevermore, Zakk Wylde

Favorite Godslave Song

Puh… In Hell and New Blood

What's currently blowing the Speakers

Right now? Actually Bethovens Moonlight Sonata. Movie scores, Jethro Tull, Status Quo, Hannes Wader, BLS, Crobot and Nevermore

Favourite Godslave Lyrics

„This is dedication
That’s what’s taking me
We’re gonna fucking do it
It’s all we wanna be“

Best Godslave Experience

Getting to meet Cripper at Bonebreaker Festival 2014, awesome people! And the ride in the trunk the day after, because a car only has so many seats… lotsa good memories being on tour with the guys

What's up besides Music

My lovely Daughter, trying my best to get better at Engineering and Mixing in the shack I call a Home Studio, Poetry and trying to find the right balance between productivity and ‘Dude’ing around

What excites

My beard. 3mg of Adrenalin straight into the vein. That or discovering new series to watch, good books to read, working on an idea at 10 pm  and ending up with a complete song in the early hours of morning. And good food. And a nice pair of boobs of cause. But be warned: too much good food may cause a rather unpleasant pair of boobs. The unpleasant, hairy man-boob kind of boobs.

What pisses off

If there was a disease, which makes you puke all the time, makes you bleed from your anus, drying out your eyeballs, giving you ass cancer and causes your dong to swell but your balls to shrink, I’d call it 2016, using your little toe to locate furniture at night, being cought up in the gears of a capitalistic society, toilets without paper and browsers without an Ad-Blocker. That and people these days. And hairy man-boobs.

Last Words

Delete my browser history.

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