Thrashed Vol.2


In your sexy silver string
You don’t act like anything
But a tasty, luptious piece of meat
Like daily bread more than a treat
You’re waking up the worst desires in me
A yearning for a high performance spree

Bouncing ass at any price
Teasing a man till he nearly dies
Back out boobs till I lose my breath
Is your aim my heart attack death?
I can look right through your head
Your only mastery lies in bed
Admiration derives from TnA
Nhen nature strikes you’ve nothing left to say

Tits and ass
Loaded weapons
Tits and ass
Of mass temptation

Flaunting in big tits round ass
Damn it works, I must confess
What you get by playin the card
Is everything and you get it hard
Enjoy your power as long as it’s there
The day will come it’s blown up in the air

Yes you drive men insane
But you will lose your own game
When your luck goes ace to ash
You will be struck by a news flash
Some day in time your tits will flatten out
Your ass will bring men to only shout
Look this girl was once the hottest whore
Now she’s not worth a look any more

Tits and ass
Loaded weapons
Tits and ass
Of mass temptation

Tits and ass
Tits and ass
Tits and ass

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