Name: Bernie

Instrument: Violent string mutilation (Guitar)


Epiphone Flying Vs (none better!), mostly playing the Wayne Static Signature with EMG 81’s. Nice long cables or Line 6 Relay G30 wireless for gigs. Dunlop 1,14’s plecs. D’addario Bright XL 9,5 – 44 strings. Peavey 6505 amp. Boss Noise Gate Pedal and Korg floor pedal tuner.



First and foremost Jeff Waters, this guy is unique! Ritchie Blackmore just to listen too and NOT play along… Everything began with Status Quo, leading to Metallica, Megadeth, Iced Earth and Annihilator, spreading to Death and Thrash and now getting back to 70’s Hard Rock.


Favorite Godslave Song

To listen to: I would ay “Idolized”, the song is total mayhem from beginning to end with the best chorus and vocal performance in our history!
To play: Also the above mentioned, such diversity in one song makes it always fun to play!
From the old ones it would be “Insomniaddict”, never gets boring even after all those years!


What's currently blowing the Speakers

Always something between 70’s Hardrock a la Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Rainbow and Status Quo and fierce Thrash of bands like Warbringer, Kreator, Destruction, Havoc or Warbeast. Plenty of times much softer poppy stuff when I am in the mood or the contrary in shape of Dying Fetus, Pestilence and such.


Favourite Godslave Lyrics

“Green Zone”, “Bloodbound Pack” and “Children of the pit”, because those three describe EVERYTHING this band is all about!


Best Godslave Experience

The “Thrash, ihr Affen – komm mir nich‘ auf die Tour 2011” and the “WANTED – Thrashed and Alive” Tour. Touring with our buddies from HATRED and ERADICATOR and having the fun of our lives! Sharing all the ups and downs of a band and getting along amazingly. Can’t wait for the next part!
For single event, it would be playing in front of 1000 maniacs in Saarbrücken as support of POWERWOLF and ANTHRAX the same. Experiences that are branded in my mind forever! Those wwere pure awesomeness!


What's up besides Music

WRESTLING!! I’ve been a freak for 25 years now and there’s nothing better to relax with!


What excites

Best thing in the world: playing live and being on tour with the boys. Even better: meeting friends there. Yet better: playing for a rabid crowd! Nothing compares to that in life! Feeling the support of the Slavecrew is the best feeling ever!


What pisses off

Recklessness and lack of respect for others makes me sick to my brain and stomach. Most things in life that typical human behaviour turned to a pile of shit.


Last Words

“I fuck the past – I don’t need to look back to get fast ahead” (from “End of history”)

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